End of time , antichrist , 666 , mark of the beast


Even the evil spirits tremble and fall before him
Servant of God, Nadejda
I can’t stand ortodox christians, i hate them
The most disgusting faith
All other faiths will go to hell
We are not afraid of those who don’t make the sign of the cross
Mmm, way to go, do it wrong
Don’t teach them, let them sin
To hell with them, stupid
They keep running after “staretz”(wise and holy elders),
It would of been better if they stayed at home watching TV
Mmmm, the icon of antichrist
All think that Nadica has gone mad, that she’s possesed, stupid

Whoever will talk bad about her, whoever will upset her
Will answer before God
She is blessed, this is a warning from God
Soon the whole country will know her
All people who can’t stop drinking, whose relatives drink alcohol

Will be cured with her prayers to God and with the Holy Baptism
She was blessed by this …. who i hate
My soul is sad and it’s hurt
I send you my sufferings
The door of salvation is closed
And die path to Our Maker is closed
It is closed because of my sinful desires
Numerous like the tree in a forest
They’ve risen with the lapse of time

They gave you pension books, which already represent the sin of
rennouncing Christ
And now they are preparing the introduction of electronic pension
books, think about it, why?
And starting with the 1st of January 2008, the introduction of
electronic passports, they said on TV
Whenever they’ll give you these passports, they’ll photograph your
When they’ll take photos of your retin, they’ll mark your forehead
or hand with a laser
Even now, when you go to the supermarket and buy bar coded products the scaner makes : “ti ti ti”
So will it happen to your foreheads, this will be the mark of the
Frightening times!!!
If we have received the codification of the passport, the pension
books, and the Personal Identification Number … THEN THAT’S IT, we
rennounced Christ…This is the first stage
God’s grace has left us! Our guardian angel is crying
Listen! Listen! Listen!
Look at us sitting here, we who rennounced Christ! Forgive us Lord!
The priests who talk about it are persecuted because they prevent
the devil to enthrone
The G8 comitee, the comitee of the 300, all of them are Rockefellers
who run the world.
They own all gold, all the banks, all the corporations and all
presidents are judeo-masons
Their purpose is numbering people
And the beast-computer from Luxemburg, servs their purpose and in
Jerusalem, they are preparing the throne of the antichrist, the
world leader
Listen! Listen!
Listen, this is not a joke!
I feel pitty for the people, i feel pitty for Rusia, orthodox
Russia, not judeo-masonic Russia
I feel pitty for the blind people who follows these judeo-masons who
deceive us
Whoever wishes heaven on earth, it won’t happen!
Look!” Don’t refuse the documents” Do you see what the devil is
He says:” Don’t listen what the father sayd… Take everything!”
“You need to eat, you need to drink, you need all kinds of things!”
Everyone of those is for hell.
Possesed woman: ” there is the bottom of the hell, which is much
more worse than hell”
In conclusion, my dear brothers and sisters, receiving this filthy
thing, we give up on our name” Forgive us Lord!
“Don’t tell them, they’ll agonize just like me”
“They’ll be tied up and pushed away, they’ll be the rejects of
society, what are you saying to them?”
The rejects of society, who are we to oppose this evil?
We are: Vagabonds, schismatics, defamers!
And whoever goes with the global trend goes with the devil, just
like 70 years, when 40 milion people said NO to comunism.
“Don’t tell them”
They were shot, emprisoned in gulags, dennounced by their family and relatives
This is repeating nowadays but in a much more worse way
Back then, there was no coding, but now if you receive these, HELL
awaits you
So, my dear, we should be thinking of
Forgive us Lord, us mindless and with little faith.!
We were wrong to God: we called His name in vain, we defamed, we
believed in oriental calendars, we sought help from witches. Forgive
us Lord!
We did wrong: the killing of the unborn babies, abortions, using
contraceptive methods.
Today, there are no more women, the 6th Ecumenical Synod , the 62nd Canon says:” the woman who wears men’s clothes should be excluded from the church”.
But we enter the church wearing pants, and more, we clothe
indecently. Forgive us Lord!
Women cut their hair, they dye their faces.
Lipstick is made up of embrios of aborted babies The raw material of
the lipstick is made up aborted fetuses, you put it on your lips,
you swallow it and you unknowingly commit a satanic ritual.
Just like satanist, you commit this ritual
With all kinds of dyes, beautiful , smart just for hell
Forgive us Lord and have mercy on us!
We run around almost naked, with this we make men sin
So we face the consequences, Thyroid cancer, breast cancer because
of the abortions Forgive us Lord!
Aids, all venerical diseases are a punishment for adultery and
Forgive us Lord!
The young, all drink, smoke, fornicate and take drugs 10 millions
aborted babies, just in Russia, orthodox Russia as we see it
Among all nations we occupy 1st place in abortions and also 1st
place in drug addiction
Why are we being punished? Because we angry our God, The
Let’s reppent, if we do that God will have mercy on us and will
forgive us!


4 thoughts on “End of time , antichrist , 666 , mark of the beast”


    BUCUREȘTIUL BOMBARDAT PE 4 APRILIE 1944 DE CIRCA 300 DE BOMBARDIERE AMERICANE SOSITE DE LA O BAZĂ DIN ITALIA… AU MURIT PESTE 3000 DE ROMÂNI. Au fost răniți alte câteva mii. Distrugeri materiale însemnate și consemnate de presa românească…

    Doamne miluiește!

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